Monday, June 14, 2010

Waiting to Nest...

Nesting is something that I feel I do best. Maybe it is the mother in me that has that need to create the perfect environment to raise, love and live with my family. It need not be extravagant, less is more. Certainly not expensive, some of my favorite things have come from re-sale shops or I have made them. Coming home to a place that feels...well "homey" surrounded with all my favorite people and things is so comforting. We arrived at our new place in Calgary knowing it is temporary. Very little is coming from Texas with us, but there are a few of my favorite things to make our new place feel like home while we are here. Our shipment from Texas is still not here, in fact no one seems to know where it is. Knowing that our clothes, the boys much loved toys and a few of my "not so expensive or extravagant but much loved things" are in limbo is very frustrating. I know when everything does show up it will feel like Christmas morning. I miss my coffee We are doing laundry everyday, if you notice in the past posts we don't seem to have much variety in our wardrobe. This house is nice but it doesn't feel like home yet. It will be so wonderful to get settled, have more clothes, toys, silverware and real coffee again. I took these photos the other morning, Jonah waiting on his high chair (on the moving van) decided he really did not need it. He helped himself to the table and ate is breakfast, like a big boy. Stuff or no stuff I know I truly have what is most important right here with me.




Carla AKA loedown June 15, 2010 at 5:18 AM  

Just love the Jonah pictures. The last one is my favority. I love his facial expression. He sure isn't a baby anymore. Love the table and the fact you have flowers on them. Can see the nesting. Sorry to hear you haven't received your stuff from TX. Good luck with that, so you can make your house into your home.

Harry June 16, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

Stuff arrived on Tuesday! HOORAY! and it did look like Christmas - if Santa had too much egg nog and left everything remaining on the sleigh at the house with the boy's names all over and they opened all of them before Mom and Dad woke up.

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