Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt


The Christmas lights were installed on the Casa de Grilliot today, a bit more subdued than last year due to the late start. We're off for a light tour tonight, complete with scavenger hunt list. Play along in your neighborhood, reply with the tally.

o Santa
o Train
o Reindeer – Bonus Redneck Points for Red light anywhere but in the nose.
o Nutcracker
o Bear – Not Polar
o Snowman
o Jesus
o Mary
o Waldo
o Race Car – Bonus Points if Santa’s Driving
o Snowflakes
o Angel
o Penguin
o Polar Bear – Bonus points for drinking a Coke
o Armadillo – Look Out!
o Ho!
o Ferris Wheel
o Snow – Bonus points for real
o Snow Globe
o Drummer Mouse
o Elf
o Presents
o Star
o Rocket Ship
o Van
o Helicopter
o Jeep – Super Mega Bonus Points!
o Candy Cane
o Osama Bin Laden
o Peppermint
o Texas
o Pick-up Truck – Bonus Redneck points for Beer Cans in the Back
o Christmas Tree
o Mickey Mouse
o Dalmatian
o Gingerbread Man

o Triple Bonus Point Score for a Menorah

Feliz Navidad!


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