Friday, March 6, 2009


It's that time of the year again everything is growing, blooming...pollinating. So that means Isaac is sneezing, itching and scratching. I love spring, I love diving into the garden on a warm, breezy spring day and adding fresh new flowers that will eventually take over the garden and become my eye candy but that terrible pollen that makes the flowers just doesn't agree with any of my boys. Poor Isaac went back to the allergist on Wednesday to get some new eczema lotion for his legs, it attacks his knees terribly but the good thing is that his lungs, nose and ears were very clear. I hope that the breathing treatments are helping. Now we just need to get his eczema under control. I'm not going to keep them inside again this year, the boys need to run and play and hopefully we will just keep this season's flair ups under control.
I promised the boys a trip to the park last night and when I got home I was looking at some of the pictures I took...this one he is holding a pecan...he is highly allergic to pecan trees. I gasped when I saw this because I did not notice him with it last night but I'm sure he just chucked it across the playground and went on to something else, I just have to pay more attention.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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