Monday, January 26, 2009

Serious Threat to Pro-Life Policies

Please urge your federal elected officials to oppose FOCA or any similar measure.

FOCA would:

  • Eliminate regulations that protect women from unsafe clinics and unscrupulous abortionist
  • Force every state to allow partial-birth abortions
  • Run roughshod over the conscience rights of physicians, nurses and hospitals that oppose abortion on religious, moral or ethical grounds (Catholic Hospitals performing abortions!!!)
  • Strip parents of their right and responsibility to be involved in their minor daughter's abortion decision

"It's embarrassing to live in a country where it's illegal to kill a prairie dog but not to kill a baby"

- Harry Grilliot


Harry January 30, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

FYI the plan was for this commercial to air during the Super Bowl - they raised enough money and then NBC said No, supposedly because they don't want political ads.

PETA also had an ad rejected, however it was on the grounds of explicit content. However, NBC suggested edits to make this raunchy political ad airable.

Conclusion(?) - NBC was willing to run the PETA political ad had it been suitable for broadcast.

Does anyone really care about the Super Bowl anyway? (Except Paul Loe & Brad Rayl of course)

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