Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playing at Meme's

Logan resting on Meme's porch swing...
Logan's Kool-Aid Face

Isaac's serious look (I think I told him I had a lady bug on my nose so he would look at the camera)
not in focus but, I had to include the famous "Pirate Face"

Went over to my Mom's this afternoon since the boys asked to go play at her house and I got some more photos of the boys playing in the yard, they had some Kool-Aid this morning after church...hence the red mustache's. We bought my mom a new point and shoot camera for Mother's day so she gave me her old camera which had more button's than she wanted on a camera so lucky me I get to get some great shots. Yes Laura, it is a lower F-Stop, I have this really cool Macro setting on the camera that I can get great close up shots and throw the focus out of the background with out having to worry about all the settings that are too complicated for a mom chasing around 4 year old boys to think about!


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