Friday, April 4, 2008

New House Photos

Front Elevation
There are 5 trees in this small front yard, three oaks (the one by the street is a bad idea, it is going to rip up the sidewalk one day) and two Magnolia trees in the flowerbeds.

Dining Room
This is the view from the front door, the door frame you see to the right is going to be the the study/sewing stuido

Other side of the dinning room wall, is the kitchen, very open.

Family Room
The fire place is a Heatalitor like will actually blow heat into the room. To the right is the breakfast area. The carpet here and in the dinning room will be removed and the same tile will be laid.

Master Bath

Back Porch
This picture does not do the yard justice, there is a lot of space on either side of the house as well, we could even plant a veggie garden!

The plan is actually a mirror version of this.


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